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What is Friendship Force?

Friendship Force is a non-profit international organization that promotes cultural understanding through personal contact. The Friendship Force of Knoxville utilizes travel as a means to meet people from different cultures and places rather than emphasizing the place itself. By being a guest in other people's homes and by inviting them to be a guest in our homes, we believe we can break barriers that divide us.

Change the way you see the world!

  • Make friends around the world
  • Stay in homes of people around the world
  • Host in your home people from around the world
  • Foster International good will
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding

For More Information About Friendship Force International, please visit their website at 

Note From the President


We are well into the fall and what a fall it has been. In October we welcomed the ambassadors from Napa-Sonoma, who spent a delightful 5 days enjoying what East Tennessee has to offer. Next up is the Open World with five delegates and one facilitator from the Republic of Georgia. They will spend the week with us visiting various educational institutions and learning about higher education. Plus there are visits to ORNL and the Smokies to learn about East Tennessee. 

Next year we can look forward to a great outbound journey to Australia in October, an outbound domestic journey to Napa-Sonoma, and we will be hosting the club from Des Moines in April. 

Our next regularly scheduled meeting is November 19th . This is our annual meeting where we will elect the officers for next year as well as approve our updated Bylaws. You can see the Bylaws on our website. There will also be a program by the delegates from Georgia. The membership application for next year and the fee are due by the end of December.

It has been a pleasure to serve as your president for the past three years, and it is now time to pass on the opportunity to others. There is always work to do, so I encourage everyone to get involved. Thanks for allowing me this experience.

           Diana Lopez