Welcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

Welcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

Welcome to Friendship Force of KnoxvilleWelcome to Friendship Force of KnoxvilleWelcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

What is Friendship Force?

Friendship Force is a non-profit international organization that promotes cultural understanding through personal contact. The Friendship Force of Knoxville utilizes travel as a means to meet people from different cultures and places rather than emphasizing the place itself. By being a guest in other people's homes and by inviting them to be a guest in our homes, we believe we can break barriers that divide us.

Change the way you see the world!

  • Make friends around the world
  • Stay in homes of people around the world
  • Host in your home people from around the world
  • Foster International good will
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding

For More Information About Friendship Force International, please visit their website at 

Note From the President

 It continues to be an exciting and challenging time for Friendship Force Knoxville. We will keep you informed if things change regarding upcoming events. There are so many opportunities to host, travel and learn from the upcoming exchanges. We are actively preparing to host ambassadors from Des Moines, Iowa in April and Open World Judicial Delegates from Uzbekistan in June. The year continues with outgoing to NapaSonoma in September and to Australia in October. Last week I received notice of our matches for 2021from FFI which include Inbound from Missouri- St. Louis and Outbound in June to Sibiu, Romania and Baku, Azerbaijan and in September San Antonio, USA. I encourage each of you to participate in some way with these exciting journeys. We need and want everyone to be a part of and to share the experiences. Wishing each of you a great month and health as the whole world faces the challenge of the COVID-19. 

                      Kaye Bultemeier