Welcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

Welcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

Welcome to Friendship Force of KnoxvilleWelcome to Friendship Force of KnoxvilleWelcome to Friendship Force of Knoxville

What is Friendship Force?

Friendship Force is a non-profit international organization that promotes cultural understanding through personal contact. The Friendship Force of Knoxville utilizes travel as a means to meet people from different cultures and places rather than emphasizing the place itself. By being a guest in other people's homes and by inviting them to be a guest in our homes, we believe we can break barriers that divide us.

Change the way you see the world!

  • Make friends around the world
  • Stay in homes of people around the world
  • Host in your home people from around the world
  • Foster International good will
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding

For More Information About Friendship Force International, please visit their website at 

Note From the President


2019 was an excellent and exciting year for Friendship Force Knoxville.  We had ambassadors who traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, hosted a group from Napa-Sonoma, and hosted an Open World with delegates from The Republic of Georgia. Monthly member events have been excellent and allowed us to experience other cultures and parts of the world. Diana Lopez and I were able to attend the international Friendship Force conference in Boulder and meet ambassadors from all over the United States  and the world.

A new partnership was begun with Trees Knoxville, a non-profit whose aim is to reforest Knoxville.  A tree, provided by Trees Knoxville is planted at the botanical garden, and a plaque is placed for each group that is hosted by Friendship Force Knoxville.  Ambassadors and their hosts come together to plant the tree and it provides a lasting way to honor the friendship and help Knoxville too.

2020 promises to be an exciting year as we host ambassadors from Des Moines, Iowa in April and have ambassadors traveling to Napa-Sonoma in the fall.  This October our ambassadors will be part of an exciting outbound journey to Australia.

Friendship Force Knoxville is a vibrant and interesting group of individuals who are engaged in learning about and experiencing other cultures.  This is a non-political group who promotes peace through talks, journeys and hosting.  We welcome you to join us the fourth Tuesday of every month for our monthly events and speakers.

                       Kaye Bultemeier