Club History


About the Club

The Friendship Force of Knoxville was chartered on May 16, 1981.  We have approximately 50 members who live in Knoxville, and in surrounding communities (Farragut, Maryville and Oak Ridge.)  We welcome at least two incoming journeys each year and send out at least one outgoing journey.

About the Journeys

Our primary emphasis is for the Host Family and Ambassadors to get to know each other and share cultures. We take pride in giving our Ambassadors a chance to enjoy our Southern hospitality, picturesque countryside, mountains and friendly people. 

A typical "Journey" will include an opening reception hosted by our Mayor and a gala farewell party. Non-hosting FFK members also join in the festivities. Each stay is tailored to the Ambassadors' interests.  These activities may include visiting museums, hiking in the mountains, shopping for local crafts, attending sporting events, exploring the Civil War sites, and participating in local festivals.

Through such activities, we bond with our Ambassadors, establishing long and lasting friendships, and hope they take a fond memory of our beautiful East Tennessee and friendly people back home with them.

Club History

To date the Historians have been able to find a Chapter History summary for 1981-1995 and information on four Club Anniversary celebrations, as well as various Open World events.  When the Historians complete the review of the documentation of these special events they will share with you an overview of times past and you will be able to read about it right here.